Guys, Don’t Joke! 4 Things You Need To Know About Your Woman During Her Period

Guys, Don’t Joke! 4 Things You Need To Know About Your Woman During Her Period

There are certain things a man just has to know about his woman during her menstrual cycle. These are some of those things.woman-in-her-period

Guys, there is a wealth of information you need to know about your woman when she’s preparing for her period/menstrual cycle, or what’s commonly known as Aunt Flow.

Every month your woman is experiencing unique changes in her body to prepare for ovulation. With this experience comes a high possibility of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. The symptoms of PMS vary from woman to woman, so it’s critically important that you learn how your woman is affected by it.

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Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed relationships fail due to a lack of understanding and sensitivity for women suffering from PMS. Please don’t allow Aunt Flow to ruin your relationship.

Below are 4 things that you should know as your woman prepares for her period:

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1. She’s extrasensitive.

You know that really mean joke you crack on her that she usually laughs at? Crack that joke while she’s on her period and you’ll probably have your head chewed off. You must be very sensitive to her sensitivity. Stray away from cruel jokes or pranks. She’s probably already irritable from the physical and psychological change her body is enduring. Don’t make matters more complicated for her.

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