Expensive Joke! Marriage Counselor Grabs Woman's Massive Bum in the Presence of Her Husband (Video)

Expensive Joke! Marriage Counselor Grabs Woman’s Massive Bum in the Presence of Her Husband (Video)


Screenshot from the hilarious scene


This is a short hilarious film about a troubled couple who booked a session with a marriage counselor/psychologist to sort out private issues. Along the line, the counselor after listening to the explanations and grievances on both sides realized the problem of the union was far from financial issues, but romance.



The wife had earlier commended her husband for the prompt provisions of her needs as he was shuttling between two jobs to raise the family but the same husband failed to show her the required and adequate physical attention.

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This prompted the marriage counselor to get flirty with the woman who was heavily endowed from behind as some means of practical teaching.


Don’t be told the rest of the interesting short film. Watch it below and learn lessons from it:

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