Check Out 6 Absurd Things Nigerian Girls Do In Order To Avoid Getting Pregnant that you probably Dont know

Check Out 6 Absurd Things Nigerian Girls Do In Order To Avoid Getting Pregnant that you probably Dont know

Why do girls like doing things they are not ready to accept responsibility for? Life could have been a lot easier if people stick to the the basic rules of life.600_why_your_not_getting_pregnant

Indeed, prevention is better than cure. Now no one is talking about taking some oral pills in order to prevent getting pregnant. Abstinence would have solved many of the problems Nigerian ladies find themselves in.

S*x comes with its own responsibilities; you have to be ready for the consequences whenever they bellow. You will be shocked that many Nigerian ladies dread getting pregnant even though they pay little or no attention to HIV/AIDS.

Many of the ladies in the society find it easy to spread their legs for men even though they will be searching for orthodox and unorthodox remedies to use afterwards. The point is why bother having unprotected s*x if you know you do not want to get pregnant? It is expected that the ladies of this generation should be smart enough to know that s*x is worth waiting for.

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Moving on, there are some ladies that are viewed as being loose; the environment we live in is a sentimental one where people pay more attention to the loud dressers and attention seekers.

They fail to notice the quiet ladies who do not go to the chemists to buy pills. These ones are the bad ones because they are too smart to be caught.


Find below some of the absurd things they do in order to avoid getting pregnant:

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1. Salt and water

Nigerian girls have been using saline solution to prevent pregnancy since time immemorial. They use this solution in the absence of every other remedy.

After having s*x, ladies drink a concentrated amount of salt-water as a way of preventing the sperm from reaching the eggs.

The effectiveness of this solution can be proved with the increasing rate of unwanted pregnancy. Good luck with th

is method if you become hypertensive while trying not to get pregnant.

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