Are you married? Being on top is a whole different experience than most other positions, which means it can get a little complicated. You need more stamina, AKA energy, to be able to last longer. And we all know longer S*x. is better,right?( Well, sometimes, anyway). If you want to learn how to get on top and do an impressive job without completely tiring yourself out, read on for these easy tips on how to be on top during S*x.. You’ll thank me later!relationsip

1. Have Them Help You : You don’t have to do it all on your own, obviously. Put your BF’s hands on your waist to help guide you, so you don’t wear yourself out within the first two minutes. This still puts you in control of how fast you go, but you get a little extra help from your bae so you don’t collapse on him.

2. Don’t Go Too Fast : There is no need to rush! When you go super fast, you get tired more easily. Take it slow, and switch up positions if being on top gets tiring – you can always make your way back up there. Having S*x. works out a ton of different muscles that you probably don’t normally use. You’ll want to take it slow so you don’t hurt yourself.

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3. Try The Face Off : This position is a little bit easier than getting on top while your boyfriend is laying down because it’s slightly more sturdy. Have him sit at the edge of the bed (or whatever surface) and then literally sit on top.You’rell in control, but your bae can use their hands to help you, which will mean less work for you.

4. Switch It Up : Just because you get on top at one point during S*x. doesn’t mean you need to stay there forever. Do only what you can! Offer to be on top for a portion, then switch positions to something a little more lazy-girl approved so that you can get it going for longer.

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5. Try The Cowgirl : We all know of the reverse cowgirl, but that seems pretty intense for any lazy girl. Try the regular cowgirl instead. It involves your partner using their legs to help support you so you’re not doin’ it all by yourself. You can lean back on their legs to help relieve some of your weight.

6. Or The Cowgirl’s Helper : Okay, maybe even the is cowgirl too intense for you. No judgment here! Try the cowgirl’s helper. It’s the same thing as the cowgirl, but you can use your hands to support yourself by putting them on his chest. It’s actually really easy!

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7. Grip Onto Something : Besides getting support from your partner, you can also get support from something else. Try gripping the headboard or the wall. It will help you keep your balance so you don’t just completely fall into your bae’s body. That would be…awkward

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